A Scribble is totally underrated and underexposed. With this project we explore different species of scribbles and how to easily dress them up with color some extrude.
I believe that Art is and should be intuitive, easily created naturally, there in a meditative state this species was quickly created using Illustrator's pencil tool.
...This was then colored using the paint bucket and choosing limited colors to paint the shapes in. "Love the available swatches in Illustrator!"

The scribble was then brought into a program I wished Adobe adopt as a powerful tool Cinema 4d. The import was so easy now that you don't have to save it as version 8  from illustrator, not only did the hierarchy of layers come in but the color and extrudes came in, making for a flawless workflow.
Another Linear Scribble species, Same process different lighting and Baroque colors.
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